We’ve been in our “design tourism atelier” putting together some amazing design adventures for this Fall. We had such a fantastic experience in Portugal (one of our last pre-Covid trips!) we can’t wait to share it again with another group. We depart October 16th for 7 days, 6 nights. We’ll split our time between the […] Read more

Heimtextil Trend Board approached their 24/25 textile trends differently: from trends being the driver to transformation being the driver.  The focus of Heimtextil’s 24/25 edition is addressing change at scale by presenting different transformative textile innovations under the headline New Sensitivity. New Sensitivity transforms broadly and deeply and invites us to consider what we bring […] Read more

Wondering where to shop for beauty? Here’s a guide to the best beauty stores in Paris.  Susan and I make a point to visit one or more French pharmacies to stock up on our favorite products. It’s a must do! The Galerie Lafayette The Galerie Lafayette is an upmarket French department store chain. Its flagship […] Read more

For Devotees of Needlepoint and Quilting – Two Terrific Shops By Diane Stamm   Via Bonjour Paris When the average person walks into a shop, they see the merchandise displayed and the people behind the counter. Little do they know of the lifetime of experience, talent, devotion, and sheer hard work that have gone into making […] Read more

Let’s Talk Textiles

As you explore Paris on your free time during our Paris 2023 trip don’t overlook the fabulous fabric shops near the Montmartre and Sentier. If you are heading for Montmartre and Sacré Coeur leave the Metro at Anvers, and walk through a maze of little streets towards the Basilica. Here you can do a little […] Read more

First, to my mind there are no two more French treats than macarons and pâte des fruits. First, for those who might not yet be familiar with these ah-may-zing delectables, a little info.   A French macaron consists of a layer of buttercream, ganache or jam spread between two meringue disks. The inventor of this […] Read more

First-time travelers to Paris are always urged to visit the famed flea market–and for most that means the Puces Saint-Ouen with its permanent halls, stands and stalls filled with an overwhelming variety of covetable goods. My first visits to Saint-Ouen (also known as Clignancourt) were just about learning to navigate the rather grotty route from […] Read more

Why Textiles Matter


Appropriate fabric selection is vital when designing custom window treatments, so understanding textiles isn’t just advantageous, it’s essential. As you know I am a huge fab-ri-holic, that’s why I am so excited to chat with LuAnn Niagara about “Why Textiles Matter” on the Window Treatments for Profit podcast.  LuAnn and I talked all things fabrics […] Read more