Portugal Final Payment


Our Everyday Extraordinary Portugal Tour itinerary doesn’t have your ordinary tourist stops (feel free to explore those on your own) we have curated excursions and destinations custom made for your creative eye. After all, Portugal has long been is where artists, writers and design creatives get their inspiration and is currently having a moment. We have crafted what we think is the perfect blend of Group time and Alone time.




Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be experiencing:

*Cruise on the river Douro
*A private, guided tour to Covet House, one of the world’s top furniture brands
*Create your own soap under the guidance of Claus Porto
*Guided museum tours including Decorative Arts Museum, Stock Exchange, National Tile Museum
*Inspiring creative experiences including studio visits and hands-ons opportunities with some of both city’s most famous artistic traditions—gold leaf, leather, cork, tile painting, embroidery, paper, and much more…
*Indulge your senses—scent, taste, sight and touch— with visits to renowned artisans VIP amenities at hotel
*Design destinations and insider access to showrooms and ateliers across Paris
*Private Lifestyle experiences to explore the secrets of Portugal
*Special “small producer” Port wine tasting
*As-you-wish meet-ups for cocktails to review the day compare notes, share stories, etc.
*Pre-travel web session with Deb and Susan to preview locations, M&O planning, travel details, our Paris faves and more


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