deb barrett webinarsYou can stay on top of design industry trends, technology and product knowledge by attending my webinars. Most of the webinars are CEU accredited. There are two ways to learn online with me:

  • Live
  • On Demand

LIVE Webinars

I schedule live webinars monthly on a broad range of design topics, Get in depth, focused knowledge and content. Check for my coming attractions.


CEU Webinar Series for Designers

July 21st – August 20th

Twice weekly in depth webinars to help your business be better, faster, stronger

Remember “The Six Million Dollar Man”? After a devastating accident, a successful astronaut received new tech and new information to become “better…stronger…faster”. Those are the same themes we’ve spotted over and over again while researching the businesses that are successfully navigating and innovating through this crisis.

That’s how we’re planning to come out of this…and that’s what we want for you as well. We’ve amassed so much great information on new developments in the design industry, on predictions for consumer behaviors, and other mega-trends (which you probably know is our thing) that we had to get it all organized. And once it was, we realized we had a great program, built around relevant insights, creative strategies, and applicable inspiration, that will help you and your business be better, faster, stronger. See you on the other side!  


Webinars in the Series

7/21/20 –  Industry Pivot Points  .1 CEU

7/23/20 – Change = Opportunity  .15 CEU

7/28/20 – Wellness Design .15 CEU

7/30/20 – Wellness and Window Coverings .1 CEU

8/4/20 – Be the Butterfly  .15 CEU

8/6/20 – Believe it or Not: Innovation in Materials   .15 CEU

8/13/20 – Opportunity + Innovation = The New Next  .15 CEU

8/18/20 – Content, Clients, Connections  .15 CEU  

8/20/20 – Fast Pitch  .15 CEU


ON DEMAND Webinars

Join me for my online webinars created specifically for design pros. Master the complex world of design or up your window fashion game  at your convenience- online and on demand. 

Window Fashion Master Class: Part 1

Window treatments are a complex business from design details to specifying and selling. Many designers stir clear of what is one of the most profitable niches in your design business. Learn the tricks of the trade as we delve into the intricate window fashion design process and share tips, and trade secrets that the pros know. Did you realize there are more than 100+ decisions the designer makes in the custom window design process? And at any one step things can go wrong. We’ll cover the elements that make up the vocabulary of custom window treatment design including calculating yardages, drapery hardware and drapery weights, what fabrics and linings each works best plus pattern placement. Our online supersession design lab focuses on giving you success strategies to perfect your designs. Use your lab notes to enrich your design notebook with solutions, options and details for your clients that are real life tested.

Window Fashion Master Class: Part 2


Window treatments are a complex business from design details to specifying and selling. Learn the tricks of the trade as we delve into the intricate window fashion design process. Part II of our supersession design lab focuses on the more challenging aspects of designing window fashions including offset pairs and multiple draws, ripplefolds, comparable fullness, using a proportion wheel and much more. You’ll gain success strategies to perfect your designs. Deb pulls back the curtain to unveil the secrets of the bespoke window. She’ll inspire you to flex your design muscle with a in-depth examination of the tips and the secrets of impeccably tailored treatments. You’ll gain a wealth of couture knowledge about dressmaker-inspired specialties; plus original and innovative headings, edges and hems. Enrich your portfolio with techniques, artistry and details to offer your clients.

If you want to:

▪ Master the complex art of custom window coverings to build a better bottom line.
▪ Learn advanced techniques of specifying window fashions to set you apart from the competition
▪ Build a one-of-a kind couture portfolio of inspired techniques, processes and creative window treatment stylings
▪ Create design strategies to take your custom window fashion game to the next level
THEN this series is for you!

Check out my lineup of on demand webinars. Loads of new topics in 2020!

Fabric Savvy: Fabric Families Demystified

Textile Tech Support

Textile Crash Course Part 1

Textile Crash Course Part 2

Textile Trend Watch

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Window Coverings

Top 20 Window Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Window Fashions Master Class Part 1

Window Fashions Master Class Part 2

Haven’t done online learning before? Wondering how it works? These questions and more are answered HERE.

Deb, I so enjoyed the webinar yesterday. I could’ve spent three more hours listening to stories about designers and their styles.Thank you for presenting the seminar. I look forward to next week’s with great anticipation.        Sallie Smith

Dear Deb,

This was by far one of the BEST webinars I have ever attended!  I received more than my money’s worth! Thank you .

Angela M. Britt, Owner and Interior Designer, Deziner Originals

Hi Deb-

I found your presentation one of the most interesting I have attended in a long time. All this technology is so impressive …I wonder where you find the time to keep on top of it all. I have started “dabbling” and love Evernote.  Thanks.       Gordon,  Gordon’s Window Decor