A Well Designed Business.

Recently I had the great pleasure to be invited to be on LuAnn Nigara’s podcast, A Well Designed Business. LuAnn does a weekly podcast tackling all kinds of topics in the world of design with a business focus. Each week, she interviews successful interior designers  about a specific aspect of their design business that they have an expertise in. My side project, Soft Design Lab specializes in bringing groups to world markets so that they have the best experience at market as opposed to walking in circles. Market is closer than you think- so if you are curious about Market – High Point, Maison & Objet, Heimtextil… I’ll share how to make the best of attending markets.

Show Notes:

  • Why should people attend High Point?
  • What is High Point?
  • How do you know if you should go to High Point?
  • How should you go about pre-planning?
  • How is High Point divided?
  • What advantages come with registering?
  • Why would designers want to think about expanding internationally?
  • Be up to date on business etiquette
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