As travel becomes an essential way to inspire; indulge your wanderlust!  Décor Tours has had a great year hosting groups of designers for immersive experiences that earned 5-star reviews. We started this adventure because we found so many wonderful resources on our trips that we just had to share—and the best way was to bring you along with us! Now that the Pandemic seems to be winding down, we’re excited to travel again to these destinations:

We’re returning to London, with a focus on modern craftsmanship and design studios. And we’re heading back to Portugal, because it was amazing and we didn’t see nearly enough of the outstanding design that country has to offer. (And wine lovers? Let us introduce you to the “Portugal Pour”!)

As always, Paris and Provence are on our agenda, our first and always loves. Paris in January is a must for anyone interested in textiles, and we have some very special, very exclusive activities planned. Our September Paris trip is a new format, with a focus on the lasting impact of French design across the centuries. As a bonus, this is designed as an easy add-on to Provence. Of course, you can also just join us in Paris directly—we have a special excursion planned for anyone who gets in early that day.

Our purpose, with all our trips, is to share exceptional resources, but also to “fill-in-the-gaps” in terms of design information and education. This works for us too, we learn something new on every single trip. So a new feature for 2021 is that we’re offering CEU credits for select destinations, think of it a study-abroad program specifically for designers!

Can’t decide which fabulous tour you want to join us on? We have a special one reservation for any trip offer if you’re not quite ready to decide.  Our “choose your own adventure” deposit reserves a seat for you on any of our international tours.

We already have repeat clients and advance reservations, and because we like to keep our groups small, act now to reserve a spot. As travel becomes an essential way to inspire, indulge your wanderlust and join us in 2021-22! Click on a destination to get more information or drop us a line and we’ll send you all the details.


    decor tours provence

    Provence, France – September 11-18, 2021

    decor tours paris

    Paris Decor Tour   January 2022








    decor tours london

    London      October 2021

    decor tours portugal

    Portugal   November 2021