Better Faster Stronger



Remember “The Six Million Dollar Man”? After a devastating accident, a successful astronaut received new tech and new information to become “better…stronger…faster”. Those are the same themes we’ve spotted over and over again while researching the businesses that are successfully navigating and innovating through this crisis.

That’s how we’re planning to come out of this…and that’s what we want for you as well. We’ve amassed so much great information on new developments in the design industry, on predictions for consumer behaviors, and other mega-trends (which you probably know is our thing) that we had to get it all organized. And once it was, we realized we had a great program, built around relevant insights, creative strategies, and applicable inspiration, that will help you and your business be better, faster, stronger. See you on the other side!

Better, Faster, Stronger begins July 21st through August 20th. Twice weekly in-depth webinars to help your business be better, faster, stronger. Gain relevant insights, creative strategies and applicable inspiration that totals 15 hours of CEU credits in 11 presentations with complimentary webinars sprinkled in.

Connect the Dots: Micro Edition


The impact of the CV-19 pandemic will be long-term, wide-ranging, and, quite frankly, impossible to completely predict. However, previous major disruptive events can give us clues, trend theory an provide guidance, and we’ll supply a host of innovations and insight into how to use this upheaval toward new opportunities in design.
Join us for a high-level overview of what to look for and how to adapt in what seems to be a now ever-shifting economic landscape. Adjust your pre-pandemic mindset (and business) to create opportunities in a post-pandemic world. 1.5 hours .15 IDCEC CEU   


Industry Pivot Points

The past five months have been…overwhelming. Surveys, studies, and reports by various media organizations and industry associations have been tracking the ongoing chan

ges in opinions and outlooks, and we’ve cut through the clutter to bring you what we see as the most relevant stats and figures. This is an executive summary of key findings from the most recent design industry and overall economic reports, including those from ASID, NAHB, Deloitte, Steelyard, and many others. If you want to know what others in the design industry are currently thinking, what economic experts are currently forecasting, and what consumers currently rate as there most important concerns, join us for this highly informative start to the Better, Faster, Stronger CEU webinar series. 1 Hour .1 IDCEC CEU

Change = Opportunity

The design industry has been wrestling with wide-spread changes for more than a decade. Issues like transparency, supply chain logistics, customized resourcing, specialized areas of practice, and client demands for on-demand project insight and access, have shifted from broader consumer culture to impact all design business. The pandemic and the subsequent disruptions to production and communication have further accelerated their impact.
Join us for a review of how these changes are currently being addressed in various businesses, examples on how the design industry is (or is not!) dealing with these issues, and ideas on how you can harness these changes to create new opportunities. 1.5 Hours .15 IDCEC CEU


Wellness Design

One of the most significant and long-lasting consumer trends over the past 30 years has been Wellness. From its roots in exercise and diet, to the all-encompassing “wellness halo” that influences more than $4.5 billion in annual spending, Wellness Culture is a purchasing motivator that the design industry cannot ignore.
And while “wellness” has recently become a design industry headline in response to the pandemic, it’s a trend that we’ve been tracking (and talking about!) for years. We’ll share our insight into how HSW is so much more than codes and standards, with profitable business opportunities that fit right in with the consumer desire to improve their health, safety, and wellness at home. 1.5 Hours .15 IDCEC CEU


Wellness and Window Coverings

A well-designed life includes designing the home into a place for fostering health and happiness. But why and how are wellness and window coverings interrelated? One of the most important building blocks for well-being is window coverings- offering protection, light and environment control. We’ll examine window coverings’ role in wellness, comfort, safety, circadian lighting and even air quality and present an outlook on the future of wellness and window treatments Plus, we’ll provide a detailed road map that can help clear up confusion as new products and services battle over the health and wellness lifestyle; hoping to help you design your best life. 1 Hours .1 IDCEC CEU



Be the Butterfly

We are in the midst of monumental change, so it seems to make sense to apply a little chaos theory to the situation! The “Butterfly Effect” is the popular name for the scientific belief that small changes in a system can result in large-scale alterations to future events. If you want design-industry-specific insights that will encourage you to  “be the butterfly” and enact changes in your business—join us for this session. We’ll provide information you need to take control—the new tools, new standards, new processes that are currently being rolled out—instead of waiting to see what your future will be.  1.5 Hours .15 CEU


Believe it or Not: Innovations in Materials

What could you do with translucent wood? Or light-generating concrete? Aluminum foam? Hydroceramics? Nanocrystals? Transparent aluminum? Biologically produced fabrics and furniture? All of these seemingly sci-fi ideas are part of a massive materials revolution in the design industry and they couldn’t come at a better time. The pandemic has accelerated consumers attitudes regarding waste, safety, comfort, and health, particularly in regards to their indoor environments. We’ll explore the links between material innovations, sustainability, wellness, and emerging consumer demands and provide an overview of high-impact materials that are changing the present and future of design. 1.5 Hours .15 CEU


Opportunity + Innovation = The New Next


We’ve examined the seismic changes affecting the design industry from several different perspectives over the past few weeks of webinars, and discussed how the pandemic has pushed forward many on-the-curve trends. No one knows for sure what the “new normal” will be, but the “new next” is already here. Consumers have already changed their behaviors, businesses have already changed their processes, and design businesses need to change as well in order to address new consumer needs. We’ll feature our favorite examples from across industries with suggestions for how these can be adapted to design in an inspirational “steal this idea” presentation. 1.5 Hours .15 CEU


Content, Clients, Connections


The goal of our “Better, Faster, Stronger” CEU webinar series is to feature the many opportunities that exist within the massive changes we’re currently experiencing. But among the most important changes each business needs to address are internal: Is your business positioned correctly to meet new consumer demands? Is your marketing inline with new needs? Is your current client list enough to carry you through this crises into a profitable future? In this presentation we’ll features methods and processes for you to analyze your current business, identify client needs, and tips for developing your unique value position in the market. 1.5 Hours .15 CEU