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As many of you know, I am a self- confessed Francophile. ( OK, I admit, at times it is a borderline obsession.) I love everything about France; especially the South of France. I feel at home there and in my dream world would drop everything and move in a hot minute. But real life takes over and the closest I can come is the decor tours to Provence and sharing all things French and fabric (another almost obsession!) with the group.

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I just returned from our May tour and we were blessed with an incredible house! It ticked all the boxes and more. With the house exceeding our expectations and Provence tugging at my heart strings- I was very excited to find out that is was available again in September and jumped at the chance to rent it and bring another group.  Your home away from home for one week , September 2-9, 2017 is in the heart of Provence- Saint Etienne du Gres. We’ll be doing all the same things we did in May, with a couple of special surprises that can only happen in the Fall.  Check out all the detail;s on our Everybody Extraordinary Provence tour page. We’d love to have you join us on what all our guests say is a once -in-a-lifetime trip


Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly- seize the moment.  

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