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Speaking of Webinars…I have gathered my top seminars presented across the country; recorded them and created an on demand webinar library that features amazing content insights, strategies, tips and tricks that you need to meet the challenges of the new design landscape.

View my webinar list in my On Demand Webinar Library; choose the ones you want to view; checkout and you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to download the webinar.  Watch them at your convenience to spark new ideas, hone your window fashion and design skills, or lay the groundwork to make this year your best year yet.

Webinars  On Demand / My Top Archived Webinars include:

Fabric Savvy: Fabric Families Demystified

Textile Tech Support

Textile Crash Course Part 1

Textile Crash Course Part 2

Textile Trend Watch

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Window Coverings

Top 20 Window Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Window Fashions Master Class Part 1

Window Fashions Master Class Part 2


The Buzz About my Webinars

“Thank you, thank you for the fantastic webinar on Textile Tech Support!  I noticed how pleasant and easy it is to attend your classes with your great public speaking skills.  Interior designers are SOOOO lucky you are teaching these courses. ”                  Ginny Jacober

“So much we can all still  learn…Just WOW!! Love you Deb Barrett! You ROCK!! ” Kathleen Goldfarb

“There is so  much information crammed into the recording; it was an amazing value. Having webinars is a great way to learn. not having to travel with the cost of gas and flying is just great.”

Ruth Zahler Ruth’s Custom Creations

“The webinar was thought provoking and motivational. It provided me with practical tools and ways of approaching situations that I was lacking.” Paula Egidi Designs Sew Fine

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