Textile Crash Course- Fibers, Yarns and Weaves




Textile Crash Course- Fibers+ Yarns+Weaves

Online and On Demand

with Deb Barrett, Window Dressings

Fabric selection is the most favorite part of a designer’s job and the most difficult. Textiles are a complex discipline with staggering choices. We’ll discover the language of cloth with an eye to defining and differentiating between terms, techniques and materials in the interior design context and finding out the attributes and processes that give fabric its finished appearance. In an extensive discussion, we will focus on today’s fabrics; narrowing in on weaves, printing processes, dyes and finishes providing an understanding of the various characteristics and properties that make fabrics appropriate for use in interior environments. Gain an understanding of challenges that face designers and workrooms with today’s fabrics. Plus, you’ll receive swatch reference manual- a perfect desktop textile tool.
Part 1 discusses fibers, yarns, and finishes.  



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