Black Friday Specials

I have TWO Black Friday offers for designers. Here’s the first-check it out to see if they are of interest to you. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Give Thanks. Then Help Yourself to 30% Off  On Demand Design Webinars

My most popular presentations on all matters affecting design are now available as on demand webinars. But wait… there’s more! They are now 30% off.* That’s right- ALL my Learning Library on demand webinars covering design topics from Tech and Textiles to Window Coverings are now 30% Off.. This is the first and the last time I’ll make this offer. The sale starts 8 AM Thanksgiving Day. So, after Turkey, grab a beverage, pull up a chair and start watching!

Here’s a sneak peek of our webinars:

  • World Tour: Smart Designs from the World’s Markets
  • Designing the Future: Who is the New Design Client and Where are They Hiding?
  • The Geometry of Design
  • Designer’s Guide to Upholstery Anatomy
  • Pattern Play: Lessons in Scheming the Perfect Mix
  • Smart Textiles for Modern Environments
  • Cool Tools for Your Design Business

Offer ends at Midnight, Monday, December 2, 2019

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