Do you intuitively know where you want to take your business, but just can’t quite put your finger on the next step? Do you feel like you’re almost there? Just thisclose to landing the right client or project? That’s where I come in.

I am a coach and consultant for design professionals. Let me help you develop marketing strategies and best practices to move your business to the next level- whether its ID’ing your ideal client, developing a profit center in window coverings or just stepping  up your design game.

As a working pro myself, I’ve been in your shoes and I “get it.” Together we’ll roll up our sleeves;  dig into your business model and craft a strategy for success.

Use one of my coaching  packages to:

  • Brainstorm a marketing plan
  • Clarify your positioning
  • Define your ideal client and target market
  • Review and improve pricing and proposals
  • Jumpstart a social media strategy
  • Create a new revenue stream

I’ll inject objectivity into your business, share lessons I’ve learned and help reignite your passion and desire for your business.  It’ll be worth it.

Not sure? Have questions? Need more info?

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Let’s Get Started Package

This one hour starter package gives you an intensive one hour coaching session covering whatever you choose to discuss. Once you purchase a session,  we’ll email you a questionnaire and link to schedule your appointment. Fill out the questionnaire online and schedule your appointment.  


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I am Ready to Dive In Package

This 3 hour package allows you and me to map out a plan to  help you focus on your vision and inspire you to accomplish your goals.  Give me 3 hours along with a little pre call work to (re)ignite your  passion. Included is a 30-day follow up period that includes action plans and much more.  When you’ve had some time to ‘test-drive’ your new plans take advantage of a an additional 20-minute personal coaching session with me where you can ask additional questions and trouble-shoot challenges.

What’s Included:

Three phone or web conferences ( 1st session is 1 hour to identify your issues; followed by 1 hour -2nd and 3rd sessions to develop your action plan.) mP4 Session recordings 30 Day Follow-up and support Unlimited e mail access to me during this period Access to one of these white papers:

  • Build Your Marketing Muscle
  • Grow Your Business
  • What is Your Time Worth?
  • Pricing and Packaging Options

Followup Coaching Call  (20 minutes)

My coaching sessions both in person and by phone are recorded so you can review my comments and recommendations, along with whatever new ideas we generate during the session.  For more information, email me or call me.

Starting at $299.00

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Roll Up Your Sleeves Package

This package is for those who are serious about creating a profitable business model. Intensive and thorough coaching to arm you with confidence and profit building ideas. My coaching sessions both in person and by phone are recorded so you can review my comments and recommendations, along with whatever new ideas we generate during the session. For more information, email me or call.

What’s Included:

Six hours of coaching via phone or web conferences ( 4 consecutive weeks of  1.5 hour coaching) mP4 Session recordings 45 Day Follow-up and support Unlimited e mail access to me during this period Access to one of these white papers:

  • Build Your Marketing Muscle
  • Grow Your Business
  • What is Your Time Worth?
  • Define Your Market
  • Pricing and Packaging Options

Follow-up Coaching Call  (30 minutes)

Starting at $699.00

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Do you prefer to work face-to-face? Would you like a full-on intensive workshop? You may use this time to You choose the topics to strategize and how to use your time- design, branding, best practices, pricing, gaining a competitive advantage and more. I’ll also work with you before and after the session, offering the info, advice, and support you need to reach your business goals. You can opt to hire your coach for as little as one day or up to 5. Packages start at $850 plus any travel, hotel or incidental expenses. Email me to discuss the details.

Take advantage of my FREE get-to-know-you phone session.



“Read thru the report for first pass – WOW! Lots of good info and I like how you’ve woven in the “so what” commentary to explain the impact.”

Tom Rodgers, Director of Marketing, Springs Window Fashions

“Thank you for doing such an amazing job for Budget Blinds and BBI’s National Convention. You are an amazing mentor.” 

Tracy Christman, SVP Vendor Alliance Budget Blinds

My 30 years of experience in the custom window fashion industry with a focus on the soft side will be invaluable to you.  The goal of my custom IP consultations is to help you translate the results into data-driven decisions and an action plan for the following year(s). My positions in this industry as a practicing designer/dealer and trend strategist/ marketing intelligence consultant give me a unique perspective.  I will play the role of the objective outsider, using my accumulated expertise to support you in your decision-making and implementation by:

  • Identifying issues and opportunities
  • Gathering information collection from employees, customers, peers and competitors
  • Analyzing and interpreting their responses
  • Generate alternatives not previously considered

I approach my projects in a consultative and collaborative manner that includes surveys, analysis, forecasts, data collection and research. In order to collect this information, I’ll be tapping into resources, sampling, contacts, and industry peers for insights corroborated with my forecasts, observations and data. See examples of completed projects HERE and HERE. Email me to discuss your project.

“Still reading the report! Great so far.  Nice detail.

We did get the samples!  It was like Christmas in July!!  Excited about the upcoming webex.  You are a rock star.”


I am a great resource for trend information–color, materials, styles, consumer behaviors–that introduces you to what’s new and what’s next, along with the tools to apply this knowledge to your business, your brands and your future.

  Trend Dossiers

Customized reports for design and marketing personnel detailing and visualizing key market changes.Your trend dossier makes the sometimes daunting task of staying ahead-of-the-curve easier. This incredibly timely report is clearly not a just a trend forecast. Targeted to your needs, in order to provide a competitive advantage and turn trends into dollars. MORE DETAILS

Contact Deb for more information.

  Trend Insights

Sometimes a report just isn’t enough. To lead you need accurate, fresh information. Trend Insights is a full or half-day briefing, presented in-house, that identifies in an engaging, concise framework the consumer and material trends set to make an impact on your market. Deb provides consumer and trend insights that spark new product, market ideas and strategies. It will help you market smarter and take a look at the view beyond the horizon to know where the market is heading and how to get ahead of it.  MORE DETAILS