Summer Blues


Blue is perennially voted the favorite color of U. S. consumers and has shown up in one shade or another in home décor color palettes for the last 50 years. So it in no wonder that that this summer, blue is top of mind when decorating indoors and out.  A variety of blues worked out in washed effects and natural designs is not only the current trend in fashion, but also in today’s interior design. The colors used vary from ultramarine and indigo to aquatic blues and everything in between. Designs seem hand-painted and are combined with plain colors to match. Nautical looks, denims, ombres and authentic batik looks are everywhere.  Combining fresh blues with sparkling whites is an important part of the trend.   

B. Berger Rhapsody Collection 

Trove’s Nimbus Wallpaper

Crisp Nautial inspired pillows by Elaine Smith

Spring 2013 High Point Style Report

Spring 2013 High Point Report

Robert Allen’s Natural II Collection

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