The Profit Potential Series: Pricing

Join JoAnne Lenart Weary and me for our new series: The Profit Potential: Pricing. The first webinar in this series is all you need or want to know about pricing- always a hot topic for design pros!

The Profit Potential: Pricing

Two part series – June 19 and 26 , 2013  2- 1.5 hour sessions

5 pm CDT/ 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm PDT

Do you think getting the job is what makes you successful? Are you busy but your checking account doesn’t seem to reflect it? Do you know what should be factored into your pricing? Do you charge and get what you deserve? You know your clients are changing and you need to change too- but how? The question we get asked most often is, “How do I price my goods and services?” The answer we would have given you ten years ago is different from the answer of today. Pricing is much more than a number.

How you price your services and charge your customers has changed dramatically with the rise of today’s new consumer. If you plan on being in business 5 years from now; how you price your design services will be key to capturing new markets and niches. We’ll help you:

  • Determine pricing methods & strategies including fee structures, bundling and packaging based in real life.
  • Avoid Copycat Pricing Models
  • Establish and build a price structure that works for your business including contracts, pricing policies and the prequalify.
  • Develop a price/quality value proposition
  • Learn How to Talk to clients about money and get them to tell you their budget
  •  Figure out your hourly rate and give accurate estimates for your jobs
  • How to validate your pricing by building credibility
  • Profit Pockets you may be missing

You will leave with a pricing protocol you can apply to your business, including a business and personal evaluation to help establish your current value to the client. Want more? Deb and JoAnne will also be available for one –on- one coaching to help finesse your personal approach for an additional fee.





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