What’s After “Stay at Home”

The world-wide “stay at home” policies put our Spring 2020 trips to London and Amsterdam on hold. We’re happy to say that we’ve rescheduled London for September 28-October 5 and will still work with London Craft Week to book exclusive opportunities for our guests. More on that in the coming weeks. Our other fall trips—Paris, Provence and Portugal—are still on, although slightly rescheduled, and we’ve sadly had to drop Amsterdam from our 2020 schedule due to time constraints.

So, Decor Tours schedule this autumn is looking like this:

Provence: September 12-19

Paris: September 19-24 (you can join us from Provence for a couple of days if you’d like!)

London: September 28-October 5

Lisbon: November 7-14 (Sunny and highs in the mid to upper 60s still!)

Plus, we’re also planning a “crafter after party” at Deb’s house after meeting bans have been lifted and people are free to travel. We’d going to do some antique and vintage textile repurposing—exploring several different types of dyeing techniques; little experiments with boro stitching and visible mending; reworked fashion examples; and plenty of food, drinks and the camaraderie that we’re all going to welcome after this! This 2-3-day event is roughly planned for sometime in July or August, so if you’re interested (or have suggestions for what you’d like to learn/do) let us know!

Stay well everyone, healthy in both body and spirits, and we’re looking forward to being able to fashionably cheek kiss you each soon. Remember, it’s one kiss for society ladies, two for sophisticated Parisians, and three for friendly Provençals!





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