Window Fashions Master Class Series

Did you realize there are more than 100+ decisions the designer makes in the custom window design process? And at any one step things can go wrong. Window treatments are a complex business from design details to specifying and selling. Many designers steer clear of what is one of the most profitable niches in your design business. The add in all the misinformation floating around the internet and social media and you end up with a hot mess! So I decided to produce the Window Fashions Master Class series. I have put together a series focusing on what it takes to successfully design and specify custom soft window treatments and to help you build this niche in your design business.  As the creator of the Window Fashions Certified Pro Fast Track program and a trainer and speaker for many years I will share my tips and trick with you. I developed a two part series that is truly a designer’s guide to window fashions. Based on the success of the first offering and because you asked me to bring it back; I am happy to announce that 

Window Fashions Master Class Part 1 live webinar Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 11 am EST/ 10 am CST/ 8 am PST

Window Fashions Master Class Part 2 live webinar Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 11 am EST/ 10 am CST/ 8 am PST

In Part 1 learn the tricks of the trade as we delve into the intricate window fashion design process and share tips, and trade secrets that the pros know. We’ll cover the elements that make up the vocabulary of custom window treatment design including calculating yardages, drapery hardware and drapery weights, what fabrics and linings each works best plus pattern placement.  In Part 2 our supersession design lab focuses on the more challenging aspects of designing window fashions including offset pairs and multiple draws, ripplefolds, comparable fullness, using a proportion wheel and much more. Use your lab notes to enrich your design notebook with solutions, options and details for your clients that are real life tested.  ( Two- three hour sessions+ worksheets and collateral materials)

Watch your inbox for more details and other classes to be added. If you have topic suggestions, please send them my way!

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  • Carol Bohren August 3, 2018, 7:54 pm

    Looking forward to learning more!

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